Arch Strapping Machines

Entry Level Strapping Machines

Perfect for light to moderate use. These machines bring the speed of an arch machine for someone who has not been able to justify the costs.

StraPack: JK-5

Polychem: PC-600AL

High Production Strapping Machines

Designed for speed and reliability these machines are easy to use, fast, and are able to handle smaller sizes of strap, reducing overall strap costs.

StraPack: RQ-8

StraPack: RQ-8A

Stainless Steel Strapping Machines

Designed for moisture-laden environments such as poultry, meat, and seafood. These machines are encased in corrosion resistant metal to protect the machine from water or wash down spray. 

StraPack: RQ-8MP

StraPack: AQ-7M

Small Package Strapping Machines

These machines are equipped with a compact head allowing for sealing of smaller packages. They offer similar features to the high production models.

StraPack: RQ-8S

StraPack: RQ-8IR2

We service all brands of equipment.



Plastic Strapping 
  • Polypropylene Strapping

    Available in hand and machine grade for light to medium duty applications, and a variety of colors for load coding or branding. more »

  • Polyester Strapping

    Rapidly becoming a replacement for steel strapping, polyester has the strength, tension retention, and shock recovery properties to secure light to medium weight loads. more »

  • Cord Strapping

    An alternative to steel for light duty banding, cord strapping can be applied with or without tools. more »