Zinc Coated Steel Strapping

Zinc StrappingZinc coated steel strapping provides exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion due to its zinc-enriched paint coating. It is ideal for long-term outdoor storage of a strapped product, in caustic or corrosive environments, and for maritime use. Unlike traditional galvanized strap, zinc-coated strap will not stain your load and is waxed for easy application. Available in both regular-duty and high-tensile strength, zinc strapping has the same strength and load-holding characteristics of standard black painted and waxed strap.  

Gulf Packaging stocks zinc steel strapping in various sizes at our stocking locations. Ask a Gulf Packaging specialist for more details, size availability, and pricing information.

Zinc-coated strapping resists rust.


Zinc-coated strapping won't stain your products.


Rust-free strap is safer to handle.


Steel Tools 
  • Tensioners

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  • Sealers

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  • Combination Tools

    Combination tools combine the functions of tensioning, sealing, and cutting. Productivity is increased by reducing the amount of tools and in some cases eliminating the need for seals. more »

  • Dispensers

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  • Strap Cutters

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  • Steel Seals and Clips

    If you use strapping, you need seals. Gulf Packaging carries seals to operate with all varieties of tool on all widths and thicknesses of strap. more »