Strapping Material

StrappingStrapping has long been the mainstay choice for unitizing and bundling selling it has been the mainstay of Gulf Packaging's business. Steel, due to its inherent strength and flexibility, dominated the market until the relatively recent advent of plastic stapping. Polypropylene material made inroads into newspaper bundling and light-duty applications but, due to it's higher breaking strength, lower elasticity, and superior abrasion resistance, steel strapping is still the unrivaled choice for medium and heavy duty applications. Polyester strapping now competes with steel in the medium duty arena and may soon function well enough to challenge in heavy duty applications but for now, steel is still the king.

The National Leader

Gulf Packaging has long been the nation's leading distributor of strapping material. Our locations stock a full range of material, both steel and plastic, hand or machine grade, regular duty or high strength. We purchase from leading manufacturers both domestically and overseas to ensure the best prices and uninterrupted product availability. Our staff has the experience to recommend the optimal material for your strapping application.

Steel Strapping 
  • Regular Duty

    Low carbon steel strapping for light to medium duty applications. Painted and waxed for ease of use. more »

  • Hi Tensile

    High-carbon heat-treated strapping provides superior elongation and tensile strength for heavy loads subjected to shock. more »

  • Zinc-Coated Strapping

    Zinc coated strapping weathers the elements and eliminates rust stains like galvanized strap. Cleaner strap is easier strap to remove and handle. Gulf Packaging stocks zinc-coated strapping in all common sizes. more »

  • Specialty Steel Strapping

    Custom mini-coils, punched strapping, tight-edge profiled strapping, and specialty-printed strapping all make dealing with banding easier in some applications. Gulf Packaging supplies all these and more varieties of specialty strapping. more »

Plastic Strapping 
  • Polypropylene Strapping

    Available in hand and machine grade for light to medium duty applications, and a variety of colors for load coding or branding. more »

  • Polyester Strapping

    Rapidly becoming a replacement for steel strapping, polyester has the strength, tension retention, and shock recovery properties to secure light to medium weight loads. more »

  • Cord Strapping

    An alternative to steel for light duty banding, cord strapping can be applied with or without tools. more »


Steel Strapping

Ribbon-Wound Steel Strapping

Steel Tools 
  • Tensioners

    Feedwheel, Feedwheel Push, Winlass, and Rack & Pinion. We have all tensioners to meet your needs. more »

  • Sealers

    Regular Duty and Heavy Duty sealers available. Different model types and strap sizes available. more »

  • Combination Tools

    Combination tools combine the functions of tensioning, sealing, and cutting. Productivity is increased by reducing the amount of tools and in some cases eliminating the need for seals. more »

  • Dispensers

    Give your strapping operation easy portability with a strapping dispenser. more »

  • Strap Cutters

    more »

  • Steel Seals and Clips

    If you use strapping, you need seals. Gulf Packaging carries seals to operate with all varieties of tool on all widths and thicknesses of strap. more »